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Electrostimulation programs


We offer different electrostimulation programs that are tailored to your needs to make sure you reach your goals. Within each program our experts provide custom workouts that fit your fitness level. We will advise and guide you so that you get the best results.


Our training sessions are grouped into three main programs:



Ponte fuerte en madrid con la electroestimulacion en GoElectroStudio



The objective of this program is to achieve fitness and muscular strength own excellent true sportsmen . Aimed at people accustomed to physical activity and desire to excel.



This electrostimulation program is oriented to people with muscular problems , injuries, spasms, back aches... The goal is to feel better and have an optimal quality of life. It's also good to help prevent future injuries.

Ponte guapo o guapa en madrid con la electroestimulacion en GoElectroStudio



The goal of this electrostimulation program is to shape the body burning fat and toning muscles. Aimed at people who want to reshape their body the way they want. You can choose the important areas to work on and the intensity you want.


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